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"Brady Bunch" house in opening credits of the show
'Brady Bunch' house in opening credits of the show CBS
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Built in 1952, the home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and just under 2,500 square feet. It sits on a roomy lot along the Los Angeles River, which makes the property attractive for developers who would tear down the home and build a more modern spread. But the sellers would prefer a buyer who will preserve the home's nostalgic feel.

“We’re not going to accept the first big offer from a developer who wants to tear it down,” Carswell told the Times. “We’re going to wait a few days, in case there are others who want to purchase it as an investment to preserve it.”

Carswell says he's preparing for an 'avalanche' of interest in the home, adding an open house is probably out of the question. 'We'd be inviting chaos,' he said. He added he's probably leaning toward holding private, tours with brokers, with plenty of security on site to handle the squares who aren't serious about buying.

But before anyone shells out the cash for the house, they must consider just how many fans the Brady Bunch House attracts. Need we remind you of the 'Full House' house in San Francisco?

According to the listing details, the 'Brady Bunch' house is the second-most photographed residence in the United States, just behind the White House. A small retaining wall has been constructed around the property to try and keep looky-loos away from the home, but owning such an iconic piece of Americana does come with crowds. And in 2016, the home was reportedly the target of a break-in.

But for the chance to live like a real Brady, it's probably totally worth it.

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