About Westminster

Prior to the 1850's, the Westminster real estate area was inhabited by small herds of buffalo and antelope. There is strong evidence the Arapaho Indians maintained a semi-permanent encampment there. Gold was discovered on Little Dry Creek in 1858, encouraging many pioneers to settle in Colorado rather than continue on to California. The Homestead Act of 1862 also brought many people from the east to settle the Colorado Territory.

Around 1890, a New Yorker, Henry T. Mayham, convinced the Denver Presbytery to build a Presbyterian University on land that he owned on Crown Point, the highest point in what was then Arapaho County. The community was named for this nearby Presbyterian Westminster University.

Today, Westminster is a vital, full-service city ideally located between Denver and Boulder, with easy access to major transportation routes. All the amenities of a major metropolitan area are located nearby: corporate centers, colleges and universities, shopping and restaurants, cultural facilities, recreation, parks, trails and mountain locations. It is in the northwest quadrant of the Denver metropolitan area. Competing against 53 finalists from 20 countries around the world, Westminster recently took top honors in an international competition sponsored by the United Nations, winning the prestigious LivCom award for environmentally Sensitive Practices. This award recognized the city for excellence in water and waste management, as well as land use and protection.

Westminster fosters a sense of community through its award-winning recreation and community centers, libraries and programs/classes. The city is home to a well-educated workforce, excellent public schools and four colleges. One of the largest concentrations of retail development in the area provides a wealth of shopping experiences, as well as exciting entertainment venues and restaurants.

In Westminster, the environment is a priority, and it shows in clean streets, beautifully manicured parks and trails, and acres of open space. City programs secure pure air, water and land, making Westminster one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the area. Westminster's commitment to the environment doesn't stop at public notification. Westminster's commitment to environmental protection includes the award-winning Environmental Services Program whose charge is to ensure the city's operational compliance with environmental regulatory requirements. This program also serves as staff liaison to the Environmental Advisory Board, an all-volunteer board assigned to educate the community.

Westminster is an award-winning community with a quality lifestyle that includes a highly appealing place to live, work, and play. Diverse housing, excellent schools, mountain views, open space and trails, public recreation facilities, golf courses, entertainment venues, restaurants and retail stores are all located within the city. For both businesses and residents, Westminster has much to offer.

Westminster Homes

Westminster homes are as varied as the neighborhoods they inhabit...

Some neighborhoods include:
Betty Adams / Sempter
College Hill
North Westminster
Rocky Mountain / Sunset Ridge
Sheridan Green / Ryan
South Westminster
Standley Lake / Oakhurst

Household Stats
Median household income: $72,251
For population 25 years and over in Westminster
High school or higher: 89.1%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 31.3%
Graduate or professional degree: 9.3%

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