About Lakewood

Lakewood is the fourth-largest city in the state, covering 45 square miles with a population of about 145,000 residents. One quarter of the land in Lakewood is dedicated to parks and open space.

Over the past several years, the city government has focused on reinvigorating the community. The focus has been on building community. The City's focus remains on having our new projects designed around the community, not around the car. With the new downtown, Belmar, the sidewalks are wide and inviting to allow shoppers, workers and residents to stroll pleasantly from place to place. It's a downtown where residents can live, work and shop as well as take in a movie and enjoy people watching - all without getting into a car.

At Lakewood City Commons, stores, restaurants, residences, a library, a Cultural Center and City Hall form a complex next to one of Lakewood's best parks.

Around the future light-rail stations for the West Corridor, the goal is for commuters, shoppers and residents all to have the same "walkable" community where homes, offices and stores come together. In Rooney Valley, where the privately owned land was zoned decades ago, Lakewood residents spent four years working on a master plan for the valley that emphasizes quality design and construction and includes open space corridors.

Art and culture are very important to Lakewood. The Lab at Belmar is an art experience partnership with the Denver Art Museum, the first partnership that institution has undertaken outside Denver. The Lab is a place where the public can engage in discussions with artists and scholars through performances, films and other events. The Lakewood Cultural Center brings music, dance, theater and more to the area.

Lakewood's recreation centers have been reinvigorated to meet the needs of residents and to keep the community healthy. The city's Bear Creek Greenbelt was recently named as the "best walk" in the metro area, and the William Hayden Park on Green Mountain, was featured in the July 2006 Sunset magazine as a great spot for picnicking, hiking, biking and watching fireworks. Belmar Park also has been named a top bird-watching spot.

Since 1999, more than $1.5 billion has been invested in the community through projects that are planned, under construction or are completed. This includes Colorado Mills, which has helped anchor the western end of Colfax; Belmar, which has enlivened the heart of Lakewood and replaced a fading mall; the Super Wal-Mart, which has prompted others to invest on West Colfax; and Lakewood City Commons, which brought government and the arts together with stores, homes and open space.

The announcement by St. Anthony's Hospital that it wants to move to the Denver Federal Center opens the door for the opportunity for even more primary jobs to come to Lakewood. The move would bring over 1,000 primary jobs to Lakewood with a payroll of $80 million annually.

Lakewood Homes

Lakewood real estate includes a good variety of waterfront property, with homes ranging from the low $100ks up to $1 million and beyond. Lakewood homes range in style from the classic log home to custom designs.

Household Stats
Median household income $48,109

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