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About Highlands Ranch

Highlands Ranch is a 22,000-acre master-planned community in an unincorporated area of Douglas County. The Highlands Ranch Development Plan is the foundation for what has become an innovative planned community with a wide variety of housing opportunities designed to meet the needs of a broad range of homebuyers. This plan calls for 61% of the land to be devoted to non-urban uses (including open space and recreation), 31% to residential uses, and 8% to business properties. Highlands Ranch currently ranks as one of the top 20 master-planned communities in the country.

The land on which Highlands Ranch sits was part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Claims were staked out by many homesteaders, and eventually these were consolidated into one 23,000 acre holding. In 1979 the property was purchased by Mission Viejo Company and the first homes were for sale in 1981. The community of Highlands Ranch was purchased by the Shea Co., parent company of Shea Homes, in 1997.

The are features 19 parks and 2,000 acres of open space in Highlands Ranch. Many neighborhood parks dot the community, and several larger parks offer a number of amenities including ball fields, picnic areas, and playgrounds. Redstone Park Tennis Center, open to the public, is nationally recognized. Some of these parks hold some history. For example, at Cheese Ranch Historic Park, there is an old windmill, community garden and a wildlife observation are. The Tanks Park is built on top of two three-million gallon water storage tanks and features an in-line hockey rink, and skate park. Civic Green Park, currently under construction in Town Center features a shaded amphitheater for performances and events. The Big Book Cove is a children's play area to be located near the Highlands Ranch Library.

The trail system in the community features concrete, crusher fine gravel, and single track trails for a variety of users. The Highlands Ranch Golf Club and the Links at Highland Ranch are public golf courses. In addition to the community park system Douglas County operates the 92-acre Highland Heritage Regional Park with sports fields, natural areas, picnic areas, playgrounds and more.

Highlands Ranch is in an unincorporated area of Douglas County. Metropolitan Districts of Highland Ranch were formed to provide municipal services including water and sewage treatment, arterial highway construction, arterial landscaping and maintenance and parks and trails development and maintenance. The Highlands Ranch Community Association, Inc. provides services and facilities that protect and enhance the quality, value, desirability and attractiveness of property within the Community Association area. The HRCA also performs functions for the benefit of the community and improves the quality of life of Highlands Ranch.

Highlands Ranch Homes

There are 26 different neighborhoods in Highlands Ranch in four major divisions: Westridge, Northridge, Eastridge and Southridge. Highlands Ranch homes cover a stunning variety, designed to meet the needs of a broad range of new homebuyers.

Household Stats
80% of households are families and 50% are families with children under the age of 18.
Average household size is 3
Median family income: $104,783

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