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Fort Collins is a vibrant community nestled against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, 65 miles north of Denver. One of the most highly educated communities in the United States, the city is home to about 123,000 people including 21,000 students attending Colorado State University. It is the major hub city of Northern Colorado and home to Colorado State University. It's an interesting compromise between a conservative small town and a liberal, high tech college town. Downtown is active, interesting and fairly diverse.

A regional center for employment, shopping, and healthcare, Fort Collins offers the convenience of a small town and the amenities of a larger city. There is always something happening from musical concerts and powerful plays, to food and beer tasting extravaganzas. Fort Collins was ranked No. 8 among medium-sized cities in the ePodunk College Town Index, 2002.

Money Magazine named Fort Collins as America's "Best Place to Live" for 2006. Looking at a variety of factors, the monthly magazine found that Fort Collins' appeal combines "big-city" opportunities with abundant green space and laid back attitude. Although the natural setting, the vibrancy of downtown, and the presence of Colorado State University played a large role in capturing the number one spot, it was the "ease of living" that set Fort Collins apart.

The high quality of life in Fort Collins attracts highly creative people and innovative companies from around the world. The City has a full time symphony orchestra, more restaurants per capita than any other city in Colorado, it is close to some of the best outdoor recreation areas in the United States, it produces more live theater than Boulder and Colorado Springs combined, and it has a downtown that is vibrant and alive.

Fort Collins was featured as a model city in Clarion Associates' 2005 update to the published study, "The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation in Colorado." This study reiterated the significant economic impact of historic preservation on a community: in just one year, heritage tourists generated approximately 3.4 billion dollars in direct and indirect expenditures, an estimated $1.1 billion in worker earnings, and generated nearly 61,000 jobs, confirming that indeed, there is more than one way to come into "old" money!

Fort Collins is known for its great outdoor live, good jobs in a high-tech economy, low crime and great schools. From the beauty of Horsetooth Reservoir to the vitality of Old Town, from prized microbreweries to friendly citizens, Fort Collins has it all.

Fort Collins Homes

Money Magazine's vote for Fort Collins as The Number One place to live in the U.S. has, of course, had an impact on Fort Collins real estate. Fort Collins has always had some very impressive homes and properties—and a stunning variety at that—and while there are many beautiful older, classic homes, Fort Collins' new homes are equally as attractive: not your typical cookie-cutter variety!

Household Stats
Median Family Income: $69,200
Median Fort Collins Home Price: $212,000

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