About Arvada

Arvada is located near Denver within close proximity to Denver International Airport, the Downtown Denver business district, and mountain communities. Arvada residents enjoy beautiful views of mountains, lakes, and valleys with easy access to mountain recreation and activities. The Arvada real estate area is also known for its quality parks and trail systems which link downtown Denver to the foothills.

Arvada maintains its cherished hometown feel. From rich historical culture to shared community pride, Arvada combines the comforts of today's society with the best of the past. Arvada real estate is characterized by quiet neighborhoods, a diverse business mix, and the restoration of historic landmarks.

Even with its strong historical roots, Arvada is one of the most progressive cities in the Denver Metro area. With an estimated 103,400 population, the Arvada real estate area enjoys a civic leadership that understands, values, and supports a positive business climate while balancing quality of life and community growth.

Arvada History

Arvada's story began with the discovery of gold in 1850. A wagon train of prospectors bound for California paused and Lewis Ralston dipped his gold pan in to find almost $5 worth of gold. Not considered significant at the time, the party continued on to California. In 1858, Ralston returned with another group of prospectors and again found small amounts of gold. Later, richer diggings were discovered upstream along the South Platte. In 1859 rich strikes were discovered in the mountains along the upper reaches of Clear Creek. Prospectors who did not find paying claims started growing crops and selling them to the miners .

In 1870, a railroad was constructed near the settlement, and legal notice was posted for the Town of Arvada. In 1904 the Town of Arvada was officially incorporated. Grandview Avenue (known then as Railroad Street) became a thriving business area. Arvada remained a sleepy town until the 1950's when the prosperity of post World War II and the opening of the Rocky Flats plants created growth. In 1950, Arvada had 2,359 people and occupied less than 4 miles of land area. Five decades later, Arvada's population is 103,400 and covers over 35 square miles.

With a rich history and culture, Arvada, Colorado maintains its hometown feel. It combines the luxuries of today with the best of the past. Quiet neighborhoods, a diverse business mix, and the restoration of historic landmarks keep this town vibrant and healthy.

Arvada Homes Information

39,301 Households
58,899 Labor Force
Median household income: $55,541 (year 2000)
For population 25 years and over in Arvada:
High school or higher: 90.9%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 29.0%
Graduate or professional degree: 8.5%
Unemployed: 3.6%
Mean travel time to work: 26.1 minutes

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